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skilled bilingual role play actors with a wide range of experience and knowledge in drama, acting, training and development. Empathic, sharp, interactive, critical, supportive, clear, constructive, confident, creative and confronting with impact.


we are 

Perfactor .. founded by Steve, born in South America but educated and based in The Netherlands. Started an actor but got caught by the 'effect and influence of behaviour'.
That stimulated him to start his roleplay company Perfactor acting in training.
Alongside he succesfully established the need for a standard in roleplay and roleplay training courses within the same company.

Now, next to our core roleplayers, a team of dedicated bilingual roleplayers take this vision to a higher level and translate it into live impact.

'I am still incredibly passionate and thankful doing what I like most and to get the chance to share all of it with even more passion'
- Steve -

what we bring

if our acting means your business

From awareness to skills in a tailor-made environment bringing a variety of drama based skills into a learning proces.

We strive for a solution that maximizes the skills of your staff and bring awareness to your employees. What could be better for them ánd your organization than practicing wíth and learning fróm professionals. Our roleplayers!

So, bringing cultural diversity from all corners of the world to your programs and training makes us proud and grateful.

our method

creating a safe setting from where your organisation, employee or candidate can learn and practice purposefull.

Our roleplayers are a useful learning tool to realize the personal learning objectives and the training goals of the organisation or individual. All adapted to the knowledge and learning level and skills of the participant. 


roleplaying can be described as the opportunity to simulate a specific work related situation to support and enhance a particular learning or skill.

Learning by gaining experience through interactive play and raise awareness of the effect(s) of attitude, approach and behavior, both verbally and non-verbally. Afterwards feedback is bespoken in a honest but straight way. 


you'll find our added value in training and (personal) development programmes with staff at all levels from trainees to senior management.

Leadership, vision, performance & conflict management, influencing skills, sales and customer service, assessments, communication training modules, coaching skills and so much more .. 

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where you find us 

All expertise, education and experience is put in place as we add to the variety of needs for professionals in training and development contexts.

You'll find us in businesses, government, healthcare, municipalities, scholing, police and justice, independent trainers and training companies. But also in games, workshops, events and incentives!

Perfactor roleplayers come from: the Netherlands, Nigeria, Suriname, Russia, Armenia, Algeria, Egypt, UK, Hong Kong, Morocco, Liberia, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, USA and Iran. Their bilingualism and cultural background not only stimulates and triggers but also has proven to be beneficial.

So let's get in touch and we can talk through your requirements. 


Just drop us a message and we'll get back to you!

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